8 Best Time Coins Worth Collecting in 2024

8 Best Time Coins Worth Collecting in 2024

Some coins become more valuable as years pass. 2024 has new coin designs coming that may grow pricey later. We list top 8 time coins perfect for starting or adding to your collection this year.

1. American Eagle Silver Dollars

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The United States Mint makes these 99.9% fine silver coins yearly. The 2024 design honors the 200th birthday of Mark Twain. It shows his portrait.

Past American Eagle dollars often sold for much more later. The 2024 Mark Twain coin should follow this trend.

Silver helps the coins hold value. And famous people on them draw interest. The famous writer Mark Twain is loved worldwide. Fans will chase this coin in coming years.

Why we picked it:

  • Made of 1 full ounce real silver
  • Honors legendary author Mark Twain
  • Past Eagle silver dollars became very valuable

This beautiful and meaningful coin makes a top pick for investors and collectors alike in 2024.

2. American Eagle Gold Coins

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Another sought-after series, Gold Eagle coins come in sizes like 1 oz, 1/2 oz, etc. Pure gold gives them high innate value.

The 2024 coins feature a new reverse design of an eagle with spread wings. It replaces the prior heraldic eagle on back.

These modern gold coins remain in demand year to year. And design changes often boost interest.

Why we picked it:

  • Iconic American Gold Eagle series
  • Contains expensive gold bullion
  • New reverse design for 2024

Stacking up Gold Eagles lets your holdings follow gold prices. The 2024 makeover should further draw collector eyes too.

3. Morgan Silver Dollars

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Morgan Dollars represent the ultimate classic coin targeted by pre-1933 collectors. Originally made 1878-1904 then resumed in 2021, new issues come out only sporadically.

In 2024, 5 more stop-motion Morgan designs complete the set. It captures Morgan’s Lady Liberty in full stride. Each shows progress walking forward.

Low mintages matched with renown pedigree prompt high prices. Reputable grades easily fetch $100+.

Why we picked it:

  • Concludes multi-year set
  • Model year for many collectors
  • Composed of 90% silver coveted for intrinsic purity too

Whether finishing an existing collection or opening your first, scoring some Mint State Morgans completes an American treasure.

4. Mexican Libertads

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Libertad coins hold elite status among investors internationally. As legal-tender silver and gold from Mexico’s central bank, supplies can vary annually based strictly on local demand.

In 2024, Libertads introduce new security features to thwart counterfeiting. This includes micro engraving and laser surface scanning tech to verify legitimacy.

Like their American Eagle equivalents, Libertads carry bullion value. Smaller mintage plus notoriety impart collectibility ensuring high future prices.

Why we picked it:

  • Legal-tender coins from Mexico
  • Small production runs prompt scarcity
  • New anti-counterfeiting measures in 2024

As sound inflation hedges, Libertads also offer scarcity that steadily accelerates value. Their novel protections make the 2024 editions especially noteworthy.

The famous writer Mark Twain is loved worldwide. Fans will chase this coin in coming years.

Why we picked it:

  • Made of 1 full ounce real silver
  • Honors legendary author Mark Twain
  • Past Eagle silver dollars became very valuable

This beautiful and meaningful coin makes a top pick for investors and collectors alike in 2024.

5. Chinese Panda Coins

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Since their 1982 debut, Chinese Panda bullion coins stood out for their .999 pure silver/gold and iconic imagery of cuddly pandas.

Annually changing designs drive demand among stackers and collectors seeking limited runs. Over 40 editions now and counting!

For 2024, the reverse pictures a mother panda with her playful baby cub. Beautiful and family oriented.

Why we picked it:

  • Annual new panda theme
  • Impressive 99.9% gold/silver purity
  • Widely collected series dating back decades

Culturally symbolic plus reliably compelled, Silver Pandas and their gold cousins make alluring worldwide buys year in and out.

6. Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

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The Mint produces their famed Maple Leaf series of gold and silver coins reliably each year in various sizes.

In 2024, the iconic maple leaf foreground goes micro engraved. And the background radial lines get enhanced depth with precise machining.

Maple Leafs hold global fame for scale, silver purity at .9999, and security tech innovations. The ’24 designs kick it up further.

Why we picked it:

  • Legal-tender bullion from Canada Mint
  • .9999 fine gold and silver versions
  • Detailed micro engraving techniques in 2024

For pure play in precious metals, Maple Leafs already keyed long-running desirability. The boosted intricacy and anti-counterfeiting should propel interest higher.

7. Perth Mint Lunar Series

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Australia’s famed Perth Mint caps each 12-year Lunar bullion cycle with fanfare. Struck in silver and gold, themes follow the Chinese Zodiac’s rotating calendar.

2024 enters the Year of the Rabbit as last of the current Lunar series. Collectors always anticipate the finale coin.

Past renditions saw high demand and fast sellouts in major sizes. Few return available years later.

Why we picked it:

  • Concludes popular Lunar bullion sequence
  • The Rabbit traps attention in demand
  • 99.99% gold and 99.9% silver purity

For stackers and culture fans alike, the Perth Mint Lunar series closes another unique turn. The admirable Rabbit sendoff wraps beautifully.

8. United Kingdom Queen’s Beasts

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The Royal Mint debuted their Queen’s Beasts coin line in 2016 featuring 10 heraldic creatures symbolizing Britain’s history. Series fans awaited this capstone momentum.

The programme sees two major 2024 additions:

  1. Final beast – the seahorse
  2. Special complete set coin displaying all 10 creatures

Why we picked it:

  • Finish longtime top monarchy series
  • Low 100,000 mintage set coin
  • Steep demand signaled already

Queen’s Beasts attracted global buzz across nearly a decade through intricate artistry and small production runs. The 2024 sendoff should captivate at new heights.

Final Words

In review, these 8 contemporary coin lines launching new editions in 2024 each hold compelling stories breeding covetability. Sought-after bullion, capped programmes, milestone motifs, and technical advances make next year alluring across various series. Stack, collect and complete amazing sets!

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