8 Most Impressive Coin Exhibits Around the World

8 Most Impressive Coin Exhibits Around the World

8 Most Impressive Coin Exhibits :- Lots of people find coins very interesting. Coins can be nice to look at and they also tell stories about the past. People who like coins a lot are called coin collectors or numismatists. This article is for anybody who thinks coins are neat.

Here is 8 Most Impressive Coin Exhibits Around the World

We will talk about 8 museum coin exhibits around the world that show off rare and unique coins. These displays let you see amazing coins close up. Some even let you touch and interact with coins. Read on to learn about some of the most impressive coin exhibits you can visit!

1. Money Museum, Colorado Springs, USA

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The Money Museum is part of the American Numismatic Association in Colorado. This association loves coins! The Money Museum looks at money and coins from U.S. history especially.

Their new exhibition is focused on pioneer gold coins. These were some of the first gold coins made in America during the Gold Rush back in the 1800s. Some really rare pioneer coins are on display, like one called the 1849 Mormon Ten Dollar gold coin.

Only 46 of them still exist today! You can see them under glass but the best part is you can touch and hold real gold nuggets from that time period. There are also fun interactive screens where you can make your own digital coin Exhibits . If you like U.S. history and rare coins, you will love exploring the Money Museum’s gold rush collection.

2. Oriental Numismatic Society, Singapore

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This museum is in Singapore and shows money and coins from all over Asia. Their most popular display right now teaches about the history of Singapore money. You can see super old coins used in Singapore from the 1300s when Singapore was traded between different empires and kingdoms.

There is also Singapore’s first coin from the 1800s during British colonial times. Other unique coins are from Japanese-occupied Singapore in World War 2. These money pieces all tell the story of Singapore’s past.

Besides coins there are also paper money bills, counterfeit coins made by criminals back in the day, and coin-making molds you can touch. The exhibit uses multimedia with videos explaining how coins and bills were made. Make sure to visit the ONS museum to explore Asian coins Exhibits !

3. Museo Casa de Moneda, Mexico City

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Mexico City’s Coin Museum is on the site of Mexico’s old royal mint built in the 1500s. Back then Mexico was called New Spain and ruled by the Spanish kingdom. This museum shows coins made in Mexico throughout history all the way from the Aztec Empire to modern Mexico today.

Their most impressive display focuses on gold and silver coins discovered in old shipwrecks from Spanish galleon ships. Many sunken ships held treasures of coins being brought from the Americas back to Spain.

But pirates, storms, and battles caused some ships to sink and scatter their money cargo underwater. Museum visitors can see these salvaged coins and learn their stories. Some gold coins are super fancy with skulls or sea monsters on them.

People love seeing the detailed images hammered into thick gold pieces hundreds of years ago. Don’t miss the Coin Exhibits Shipwreck exhibit next time your in Mexico City!

4. Shanghai Mint Museum, China

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China has a very long history of coins all the way back over 2000 years! At the Shanghai Mint Museum, the Ancient Chinese Coins gallery shows early coins before paper money was invented.

One incredible display features square-shaped coins and knife coins used in ancient China. Square coins were easy to stack and carry while knife coins had a blade shape so people could cut and divide them into pieces to buy things.

Other Chinese coins showed images of dragons, birds, and flowers instead of numbers. The exhibit lets you compare ancient Chinese coins with modern coin designs from across Asia. You can also mint your own coin to take home! The Shanghai Mint Museum does a nice job showing how Chinese coins Exhibits changed over thousands of years.

5. Bank of England Museum, London

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The Bank of England Museum tells about the history of British money and banking. They have a cool exhibit right now spotlighting coin hoards. A hoard is when a big collection of coins is found buried somewhere ancient people hid them in the past.

It was like an old-timey piggy bank! One recent UK hoard discovery contained 5,000 Anglo-Saxon silver coins from the year 871AD – that was over 1,100 years ago! Visitors can see photos of different coin hoards being dug up by archeologists.

You can also touch sample coin hoards and use interactive scales to weigh how much different amounts would be worth today. Some of these hoards weighed dozens of pounds! History buffs visiting London should add this museum to their list to learn about British coins Exhibits over time.

6. National Museum of American History, Washington D.C.

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This major history museum in America’s capital city has an ongoing exhibit all about money. Right now they are featuring an art collection called “Money in Motion” showing different US coin and bill designs.

Artists made colorful mosaic collages and statues covered in money to look at. There is even a giant penny sculpture made from lots of small pennies! Besides enjoying the art, you can also see treasured coins like one of the first US silver dollars from 1794.

Only 150 of those rare coins still exist. Another unique item is an 1804 silver dollar valued at $3-4 million! It turns out only 15 were ever made for special gift sets so they are super rare.

The National Museum does fun educational events too like coin collecting merit badge workshops for boy scouts. Their money exhibit has something for everyone whether you like art, rare coins Exhibits , or just learning history.

7. Museo della Moneta, Rome

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Italy’s ancient history goes back over 2500 years so their coins are very old! Rome’s Coin Museum near the Colosseum has the biggest Italian numismatic collection. Their new showcase is called “Coinage and Identity” focusing on coins that united early Italian states.

Rare gold, silver, and bronze coins show Italian cities, societies, or leaders. For example, see if you can spot ancient Roman leader Julius Caesar on a silver denarius coin! Another section shows Italian coins during WW2 and how they changed.

Visitors can use microscopes to study tiny details and watermarks on coins too. If seeing where early European coins were made interests you, Rome’s national coin museum is the best around!

8. Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, Athens

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Greece also has ancient roots so their coins hold special history too. This bank building holds an impressive private collection with over 14,000 Greek coins! The newest exhibit highlights Greek coins used when Athens hosted the 2004 Olympic Summer Games.

See the special euros minted for venues, sports, or the medal winners. There are also coins from the first Olympics back in ancient Greek times like a silver decadrachm coin stamped with the classic discus thrower statue pose.

Other neat displays tell about traditional trades using coins like merchants, farmers, armies and more. Lots of their old coins were in styles that inspired our money today. When you’re done, take home a color brochure of replicas so you can study your favorite Greek coins later!

What Makes These Coin Exhibits So Special

There are a few reasons why the exhibits we just learned about are considered some of the best in the world. For one, they feature very rare or historically meaningful coins that most people won’t get to see anywhere else.

The age and stories behind the coins give them a wow-factor. The exhibits also showcase the artistic designs on coins from different cultures. It’s neat to see the detailed images and symbols ancient craftsmen engraved by hand into metal.

Another aspect that makes these displays impressive is educational content. Descriptions, videos, and tour guides help explain what the coins are, why they are important, and what role they played in society.

This extra context turns the coins into captivating history lessons! Lastly, the museums themselves use creative exhibit design and technology like microscopes or interactive screens to make learning about coins fun.

Getting to see and even touch the coins in person makes the exhibits very memorable. All these qualities combine to make these some of the most outstanding coin displays in the world!

More Ways to Enjoy Coins

The exhibits we covered all do more with coins than just put them under glass cases. Many allow visitors to get hands-on with coin collecting activities. For example, some museums hold workshops for making coin jewelry or currency origami.

Others have treasure hunt games to search for “buried coins” around their exhibits. Museums also stage reenactments showing how coins were minted and used centuries ago. Digital technology opens up more ways to interact with coins too.

Several museums provide virtual video tours online so anyone can explore their collections from home. Others have kids sections on their websites with coin-themed puzzles, coloring pages, or quizzes. If you find coins cool, these museums go beyond their physical displays to share that passion in creative ways!

Hope you Enjoyed Reading About Amazing Coin Displays

That concludes our world tour of 8 really spectacular coin exhibits across North America, Europe, and Asia. As we learned, coins tell rich stories about our cultures and connect to major events in history.

These museums all do an excellent job of showcasing unique or rare coins in creative, educational ways. Not only do visitors see outstanding examples of minting and coin design up close, they also gain insight into economic history.

Exciting interactives even let people handle coins and try coin collecting activities themselves. There is nothing quite like seeing an ultra-rare centuries-old coin firsthand knowing the long journey it took to get there!

Wherever your own travels take you, I hope you get the chance to check out some of these impressive money museums. Be sure to share this post with history buff friends. Thanks for learning with me – now who wants to see some more neat coins?!

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